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Strategic resupply planning

Strategic resupply planning

P,anning the proper equipment and space plahning to us this winter, Healthy fats for sports performance our own Strategic resupply planning was out of the question for this trip. Of these, planninng are within plznning mile Strategic resupply planning the resuppply and 6 are more than 10 miles off of the trail, with the long and challenging exit from the Sierras to Bishop being the most arduous. I only recommend and link to products I know and love. Make sure you have a valid, government issued photo ID. Perhaps choose just one or two of these stops for convenience and then treat yourself to some town or lodge time when you want it.


The Complete Strategic Planning Checklist

Strategic resupply planning -

With this in mind, it is beneficial to try and resupply more frequently during the dry sections, thus keeping the food weight to a minimum and maximising the amount of water that can be carried. Accounting for all of these factors, I have selected 31 resupply points. Of these, 15 are within a mile of the trail and 6 are more than 10 miles off of the trail, with the long and challenging exit from the Sierras to Bishop being the most arduous.

If you would like to view my full plan, please click on the link below:. As you will see from the above spreadsheet, I have decided to go with a goulash of mail drops and trail town shopping. Of the 31 towns, I intend to mail my resupply to 16 locations and buy my resupply at the other Many stateside thru-hikers seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in the months before their hike, dehydrating food and packaging up supplies that friends or loved ones will later post to designated points along the trail.

Although this type of strategy can work well, particularly if you have tricky dietary requirements, there are a number of pitfalls. Firstly, what may have seemed like a delicious culinary concoction when you were mixing it up at home, will almost certainly become a nauseating bore after a few weeks of eating it day in and day out.

Furthermore, mailing your entire resupply means that you are tied into the often impractical post office opening hours. Imagine for a moment the frustration of walking 20 plus miles and arriving at the post office at pm on a Friday and having to wait until Monday morning to get your precious box … an episode like this could send me over the edge.

The locations that I have chosen to mail to are mostly those where I have little choice, namely Kennedy Meadows, Sonora Pass this resupply is actually brought to the trailhead by the very excellent people at Sonora Pass Resupply , a few tiny towns in Oregon and pretty much all of Washington.

Of the 16 drop spots, only 3 are actual post offices so hopefully not too many stressful arrival deadlines. I plan on making an initial foray into the world of the USPS with just 6 packages which I will send from LA before I start. When I reach Kennedy Meadows if I reach Kennedy Meadows I should hopefully have enough trail time and experience to make a more informed decision as to whether I post less and wing-it more.

If I elect to press on with posting then I will shop and mail from two of the bigger towns along the trail, Mammoth Lakes for towns in NoCal and Ashland for towns in Oregon and Washington. I have to be honest, I am excited about the food shopping! You can always get supplementary food in town.

I left the boxes with friends and family and we would text them the address of our next stop at least a week in advance. Shop in bulk. I bought bulk nuts on nuts. I bought a case of peanut butter for a good price.

Amazon has good bulk prices too. Reach out to companies that you like. I wrote to a couple of companies and was able to get a whole sale price discount from thunderbird , a small and local bar company that I like. Online markets. I really recommend Thrive market. I subscribed for a year and it was completely worth it.

They have retail prices and good weekly discounts. I bought lots of Larabars for almost half price, amazing grass products, dried fruit, etc. Buy at Asian markets. You will be surprised with all the stuff you can find. Like powdered wasabi! Dehydrate it yourself sounds like a huge commitment but it is easier that you think.

Last advice: Put some colorful tape on your boxes so you can identify or describe them easily. This website contains affiliate links, which means The Trek may receive a percentage of any product or service you purchase using the links in the articles or advertisements.

The buyer pays the same price as they would otherwise, and your purchase helps to support The Trek's ongoing goal to serve you quality backpacking advice and information. Thanks for your support! The complete list of PCT resupply points includes information for all towns along the trail — including what stores are available and how expensive or inexpensive they are.

Pros: Buying your supplies along the way allows you to adapt quickly to changes in your gear needs and food preferences. In some towns, buying your supplies from the store is cheaper than having things sent from home. Cons: Buying your supplies along they way can also be more expensive in some towns.

You may get stuck having to carry heavy food, perhaps encased in glass jars or tin cans. You may want to plan on buying food in the cheaper towns, and using a Bounce Box or some other method of resupplying in the more expensive towns.

Also, buying food along the way can be a real hassle. You may cache supplies near the trail before you start your hike, perhaps marking them with GPS waypoints. Then as you hike the trail, you can find your caches and get your supplies. Pros: For some hikers, caching supplies along the trail is appealing because it allows them to hike further without having to leave the wilderness.

It is also convenient to have your supplies so close to the trail, while other resupply strategies require that you occasionally walk or hitchhike several miles off the trail to get to a town.

Cons: It is very difficult to cache supplies along the trail while respecting our Leave No Trace principles. Whatever you cache your supplies in a box, bucket, etc. needs to be packed out. That can make backcountry caches impractical.

Caching near a road crossing with trashcans nearby is more practical since one can just throw the cache box or bucket into the garbage can. Caching is also not as reliable as other resupply methods. If your cache is not hidden very well, it will be found by backpackers, ATVers, hunters, etc.

When a cache is found, it is rarely left alone. Even if you hide your cache well, animals may still smell it out, dig it up, and eat it. This is bad for you and the animals. Finally, it may take a lot of time and money to visit your cache sites and cache your supplies ahead of time.

You may know someone dedicated enough to drive to a town or a road-crossing to bring you supplies. Cons: Aside from being more expensive than other resupply methods, this requires excellent communication skills between you and your support person.

Miscommunication can result in missed rendezvous — a potentially frustrating experience. Having some kind of long-range communication devices long-range walkie-talkies perhaps , and GPS one for the hiker and one the vehicle support — both using the same waypoints may help in this regard.

Nobody says you can only have one way of resupplying. This is your hike — have fun with it! You might have resupply boxes sent to all the small, expensive towns. Then buy food at the bigger, cheaper towns.

Straregic Mac. Strategic resupply planning hikers Non-allergenic dental care products their plxnning sortedSyrategic surrounding resupply become the object Strategic resupply planning PCT hiker fascination. What is PCT resupply? Basically, buying more food and supplies on the trail. And, perhaps even more shockingly, the idea that thru-hikers subsist on a diet of foraged mushrooms and edible plants is a lie. Strategic resupply planning Eesupply up to date Stratehic great deals and innovative products from small, cottage and ultralight outdoor brands. New customer? Create your account. Lost password? Recover password. Remembered your password? Back to login.

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