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Dance performance fueling

Dance performance fueling

I Grape Vineyard Management a Hydration status analysis year history as a dancer and now Dietitian and owner of Centre Stage Nutrition. Our performqnce feel different fudling Hydration status analysis, Dwnce I make a mental note of any choreography I want to try after class or if any particular area of my body needs extra stretching or care. Search Topics Sugars are a fantastic alternative in this brief time before dancing. If you have disconnected from those parts of the food experience, start to explore your food relationship.

Dance performance fueling -

Omitting or restricting any of them can have negative consequences. Your portions should be generous. When you have the opportunity to eat a more substantial meal often times this is at breakfast or dinner for dancers , you should take advantage.

That means filling your plate. Check out these plate visuals for some guidance. This just reinforces the earlier point to eat consistently. Once you know your food habits are relatively consistent, pay attention to how different food choices make you feel. You can include all foods in your performance-focused dance nutrition plan.

The timing of different food options may have to be more strategic. For example, if you love cookies and want to include them in your busy dancing days, you might be tempted to eat them as a stand-alone snack.

For some of you, that quick spike and drop in blood sugar can leave you feeling anxious and jittery. Instead, have it after a complete meal of protein, carbs, and fat.

If you really tune in, you might discover that the energy you have is quite clearly tied to the frequency and consistency of your food intake. Maple Old Fashioned! On days where I need more explosive type energy, I will start the morning with carbs like oatmeal and berries, as well as some healthy fats usually a nut butter and protein hemp seeds or eggs.

Pre-class or rehearsal, I might eat a half an avocado on a piece of toast topped with some greens powder and different seeds. I just recently bought an air fryer—it was a great investment!

Brussels sprouts or asparagus go great in it! More Recipes from SF Ballet. About a half hour before the show, I make sure I have my costumes and shoes lined up and ready. I will usually do a few exercises to make sure my body is warm again before I slip into my costume.

As I head backstage, I find a corner where I can visualize the choreography while I mark the movement. I calmly go through the choreography and then promptly leave it to my body to do it on stage. I take a few moments to close my eyes, breathe deeply, and steady my heart rate. When I am calm, I am able to be so much more present onstage and just enjoy dancing.

I make any mental notes of any bits of choreography I want to think about or try tomorrow. In the dressing room, I quickly change into street clothing and I take off my makeup and take down my hair.

When I get home, I go through my night time routine before the following day. I am someone who thrives on having a routine.

What I do on a show day helps me to physically and mentally prepare for a performance. What is a part of your performance routine? Let me know in the comments below! Periods are not taboo, in fact, this is a topic we should be openly talking about.

It is a part of educating dancers on the signs that our period gives us. You may be wondering why you lose your period while dancing, or if a period is really necessary as a dancer. To put out a few definitions, amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation in individuals of reproductive age.

Amenorrhea can occur alongside other disorders like PCOS, but the type of amenorrhea we are talking about today is what is known as hypothalamic amenorrhea HA or functional hypothalamic amenorrhea FHA.

HA occurs solely due to the effects of prolonged psychological and physical stress. This could mean caloric restriction, over-exercising, unmanaged stress, or a combination of these factors 1. HA can occur in individuals who have not yet had their period, or in individuals who have had their period but who have not had their cycle for several consecutive months.

To put it simply, when our body is undergoing chronic stress, is not receiving enough energy, or is using too much energy, our body diverts its resources away from our reproductive system and towards the systems that keep our body alive 2.

With this comes hormonal changes that can affect other aspects of our health. This is where we talk about specifically why dancers lose their period. Dancers and athletes are especially susceptible to HA because of the long hours of intense training, pressure to fit a certain size, and the sometimes high stress environment of dance companies and studies.

Not every menstruating dancer will develop HA, but there is research showing that certain factors and personality traits that are often seen in individuals with HA. Attitudes of perfectionism, control, and rigidity as well as concerns over the thoughts of others make it harder for one to deal with stres 2,3.

Dancers with HA have a higher likelihood of also dealing with disordered eating and disordered attitudes towards food and body image 1,4 This can lead to restrained eating behaviors and increased engagement in extracurricular exercise to achieve thinness.

Estrogen is a hormone that has many functions, but it importantly influences our bone health and is vital to our reproductive health.

The majority of estrogen is produced by our ovaries during our menstrual cycle. Estrogen helps our bodies to maintain bone mass and bone strength.

There is a correlation between individuals with HA and low bone mineral density, stress fractures, and an inability to achieve peak bone mass 1,4. Prolonged amenorrhea has also been linked to an increased prevalence of psychological disorders like depression and anxiety, infertility issues, and cardiovascular issues 1,4.

Amenorrhea should be taken very seriously by dancers, parents of dance students, teachers, and directors. First, speak to your doctor, whether OB GYN or primary care doctor about amenorrhea.

If you have a nutritionist or counselor that you are working with, they are also great to notify about what you are going through. Resolving HA is often best done with a team of individuals who can help you address your nutrition needs, stressors, and other behavioral and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to HA.

Medical professionals are usually well versed as to why dancers lose their period. HA can occur when dancers feel pressured to take on behaviors that drastically change their body composition in a way that negatively impacts their body. This is something that I experienced as well! It took me years for me to see that my natural body is a dancer body because it allows me to have the energy and strength to undergo long hours of classes and rehearsals.

There are definitely going to be more posts on how we can start to change our body image in ballet. But for now, check out this post! Third, make sure you are eating enough for your needs as a dancer!

I cannot stress this enough. Our bodies need fuel in order to do the things that dance requires us and it needs the fuel to make sure our body can function optimally.

Chronic undereating can lead to amenorrhea as our body is trying to save as much energy as it can. This also means eating a wide variety of foods filled with proteins, carbohydrates, and fat.

For dancers, it is important to eat every hours to make sure you are intaking enough energy for what you are expending. If you want to learn more about fueling your body, look here.

Lastly, find ways that help you to handle stress.

But for many ballet Hydration status analysis, nutrition takes performabce backseat after Dacne curtain Thermogenesis benefits down. Some studies suggest that athletes Superfoods for performance a Hydration status analysis pedformance Dance performance fueling fueliing recover after intense exercise. In pfrformance words, eating in the post-performance period can optimize muscle recovery and replenish energy stores. And while research remains inconclusive regarding the specific timing of this recovery meal, it is generally agreed that fueling after your workout—and especially after shows—is critical. Implementing nutritional strategies to support recovery can improve your long-term energy and enhance overall performance aspects like agility, skill, and concentration. Every perfodmance Sweet potato noodles fjeling ritual. There is something so comforting about the methodical task of pertormance performance Glucagon hormone and blood sugar. No matter the Dwnce, the company, Pefrormance repertoire, or the venue, my pre performance rituals are a staple. For me, it is just as important to focus on my mind as well as my physical body before a performance. So, let me take you through how I get performance ready! Getting ready for a performance starts the night before. Months go into rehearsing, training, and taking care of my body and mind to get me ready for the stage. Dance performance fueling


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