Photographs for the Railway Observer

Photographs for the Railway Observer

A guide to submitting images for publication (Updated January 2014)


We can accept negative B+W, negative colour and positive colour transparencies of all film sizes. Do not send old glass plate negatives without first consulting the Image Editor.


Prints should be of at least 6"x4" (15x10cm) size and should be on glossy paper. Wet process or professionally produced digital prints are acceptable. Prints from negative film produced by "fast process" high street stores are unlikely to be of sufficient quality. Dye Sublimation and Laser prints are acceptable. Original prints for scanning are preferred.


After downloading the image from the camera please DO NOT manipulate the image except in the case of RAW files which should be converted to a TIFF or JPG file format using the camera provided software. DO NOT crop, resize or resample the file. Rename the file to include the loco. number and/or location and your surname. Please do not use the file name to make a caption. Very long file names cause problems with certain software. Make a copy of the file for the purpose of manipulating the image for your own use. Do not make and submit prints from digital images send only the original digital image file by email. Alternatively send a CD-Rom, Memory Card or Memory Stick. Include a text file detailing each image caption. We will not publish images already sent to or which have appeared in national magazines including electronic publications except in the case of unique historic situations

CAPTIONS:- (revised January 2014)

A fully comprehensive caption must be provided with each image submitted. If sent by email set your email software to "Plain Text" not "HTML". The caption text should be in a separate paragraph within the text of the email and must contain full and accurate details of the subject matter. Start the caption text with the image file reference i.e. IMG_2345. Please do not highlight, use italics or underline. Do not add the caption text to the file name. Keep the file name short as indicated above. Alternatively within Photoshop place your caption text within the "File Info" heading in the File drop down menu. Advise in your email if the caption is in File Info. Using this method ensures the caption is tied to the correct image. Images submitted without a fully detailed caption will not be considered for publication until an acceptable caption is received.


Send all material to the Image Editor at Al Mafrak, George Hill Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 3JT or email to David Kelso Please send no more than 2 image files per email. If sending more than 2 images by email advise in first message how many images you are sending in total

DO NOT send discs in Jewel Cases. Place the disc in a disc envelope which can be purchased from Staples/Jessops etc. and mail in a padded envelope. Write your name on the disc with a suitable pen. Memory Cards or Sticks should be placed in a plastic bag. Negatives and transparencies should be placed in film envelopes, not in paper envelopes and be individually labeled. Prints should be labeled on the back or the full caption details written on the back in pencil. Do not use a ballpoint pen. Film material, memory cards and sticks will be returned. Prints and discs will not be returned unless specifically requested and sufficient postage in stamps is included.

David Kelso, Image Editor

Last updated: 30th March 2019